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This winter blizzard is upon us here in Denver and so I am sipping on some hot coffee and working on blogging recent sessions. The only thing better than being a Denver newborn photographer is being this little cutie’s mom. It seems like yesterday that Easton was in the studio for his newborn photo shoot!

I hope I am not the only Mama who would partially rather be in denial that their baby is growing far faster than they would like.  Easton has his two bottom and is cutting a few more on top.  He is pulling himself up onto everything and can army crawl faster than I can run.  His little personality is so loving and inquisitive.  He wants to be doing whatever his big sister and brothers are doing.  He is definitely Daddy’s buddy in the morning when I am dropping the kids off at school and then stays Mama’s boy the rest of the day.  He has to stay in arm’s reach of me no matter where I am in the house.  The kids are still beyond obsessed with him and I have to admit so are Matt and I.  He truly is our little rainbow baby!

This month I just wanted to capture him as he is right now.  I wanted those cheeks full of marshmallows and those legs with the dimples to be engrained forever.  He started liking Puffs in the last two weeks so that was cute to document.

My grandfather that passed away before Matt and I’s wedding left me a camera.  I display that camera in my studio and love having a piece of him with me.  I handed it to Easton during his shoot and he loved it.  He has my grandpa’s bear paw hands so it was cute to see that in him.  My grandfather would have loved him and I think they both have the strength of bears so the nickname “baby bear” is fitting for Easton. His little bear sweater that we bought for him the week after he arrived was cuter than I could have imagined!

As a mom and I realize more than ever how important it is to document these little milestones.  Their chubby baby feet and the little dimples on their knuckles seem to fade away in the blink of an eye.  I look at my six year and there is no trace of a baby left in him anymore and it seems like he was this age yesterday.  I want to hold onto these moments as long as I can!

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