Aurora Newborn Photos

Newborn Photography Aurora; Photographing Levi with Hello Little Props

A career highlight

These Aurora newborn photos marked a milestone in my photography career! I photographed Levi, the nephew of the renowned entrepreneurs behind Hello Little Props. Everyone of my Aurora newborn photography sessions are filled with fabrics, props hats/headbands from Hello Littles. This session was not just about capturing beautiful images but about weaving together creativity and the joy of new life.

The morning of these Aurora newborn photos

From the moment Levi entered my studio at three weeks old, it was evident that he would make his presence known. His vibrant energy promised to keep me on my toes throughout the session. But armed with a box of brand-new, unreleased props from Hello Little, I was ready for the challenge.
Hello Little Props is more than just a supplier of props and fabrics for newborn photography; they are pioneers in newborn education, and their dedication to their craft is unmatched. As I incorporated their props into Levi’s session, I couldn’t help but feel the weight of the connection between him and his aunt’s business. It added a layer of significance to every shot we took.
Levi, with his full head of wavy black hair and irresistibly squishy cheeks, was a dream to photograph. Every color and prop we used seemed to enhance his natural charm, resulting in images that were nothing short of enchanting.

A small project turns into a full blown newborn photography prop business

Amidst the camera clicking, Levi’s dad and I found ourselves immersed in conversation about the incredible journey of Hello Little. We marveled at how far they had come and the impact they had made in the world of newborn photography. It was a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and creativity.
As the session drew close for these Aurora newborn photos, I took the opportunity to capture some photos of Levi in my new lifestyle area. It was the perfect way to blend the intimacy of newborn photography with the warmth of everyday family life.

Thank you, Levi, Garrett, and Lynda, for sharing your precious moments with me. And thank you, Hello Little, for inspiring us all to see the beauty in every moment.

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February 3, 2024