colorado pumpkin patch photos

We had so much fun doing these Colorado Pumpkin Patch photos! The weather was still much warmer than I had anticipated it would be when picking outfits. Luckily, the sun set and it was a little overcast that night giving the feel of a cooler fall night. This private pumpkin patch is perfect for babies, bigger kiddos and families. Did I mention their is a cow named Simon that plays with a giant blue ball? Easton has asked to go back nearly every day since the photoshoot.

All of the clients who signed up for these minis are absolutely loving them and it makes me excited for next year’s round already. Who doesn’t love a little baby in a wooden crate surrounded by pumpkins of every shape and size? I know I sure do.

Bring a cute throw and your adorable kiddos and I will take care of the rest!


Amanda – Colorado Pumpkin Patch photos