Denver Delivery, It’s A Girl!


We didn’t get our Denver delivery at Rose Hospital! I should have known that our delivery was not going to go as planned as that was the theme of 2020. I empathize so deeply with my clients this past year and moving forward. Everyone is giving up baby showers and appointments with their spouses. It was a completely different experience and has really created a different level of respect and bond with my clients and friends who have experienced this.

This baby had a plan of it’s own and made a debut in record time the morning of our scheduled induction. Matt and I had all of these plans in place to meet our OB, Dr. Kara Alexandrovic, Friday night at Rose Hospital in Denver. We knew this baby was posterior and I wasn’t dilated much so we were going to start the induction late Friday night.

I woke up at 6:30 with mild contractions and we were at the hospital down the street pushing by 6:55!! I wasn’t sure my dad was going to make it to our house in time. Our neighbor was getting ready to wait for him to get here with the kids.

We didn’t know what we were having and I knew how badly Avery wanted a little sister. The delivery itself was intense as she was stuck and had her little arm above her head. We lucked out and had the same amazing OB that delivered Easton as we didn’t get our scheduled OB with his induction either. I do not think I would have been able to do her delivery unmedicated with out her. The delivery team growing concerned and they were talking about needing an epidural as they kept having to turn the baby. I was more afraid of an epidural than the pain of what was going on. They kept saying”this MUST be a girl” and “there is so much hair” and those things kept me excited and gave me the drive I needed. They were trying to put IVs in as I was pushing and they kept blowing. It was incredibly chaotic and intense to say the least.

We finally found a position that was working and was allowing her to make progress. She finally came out like Supergirl with her arm in front of her and sunny side up. I immediately felt to see if it was a boy or a girl and it was an itty bitty GIRL!!!!!!!!


She had the tiniest little face and a head full of dark wavy hair with blonde highlights. She was almost two pounds smaller than Easton! They had to bring in preemie diapers and the newborn ones wouldn’t stay on her.

It was so incredible to see Matt completely melt and fall so deeply in love with her in one look. I knew he would be forever smitten with a little girl! Due to COVID we couldn’t have the kiddos come visit so we had to wait almost two entire days before getting to introduce them and let them know they had a sister.

We are all fighting over who gets to hold her and love on her. I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks of our newest addition.

March 3, 2023