Denver Family Photographer


As a Denver family photographer, I get to meet so many amazing families. Have you ever wondered what your Denver family portrait session would look like if you just completely let go? Let’s say you gave up the idea of having your toddler and baby or a mix of of kiddos having to stare directly into the camera with the perfect smile. I am here to tell you this is where the magic begins! This is where we find your authentic story.

I am going to be taking on a different approach moving forward with my photoshoots. My goal is to capture moments that are unique to your family. Does your husband play the guitar? Bring it and let’s have him play for your family. Does your daughter love when you braid her hair or maybe your babies loves blowing raspberries with you right now? These moments, this is where we find those genuine smiles and giggles. We can pick flowers, you can bring a favorite book to read, your kiddos can twirl and jump with a gorgeous backdrop.

I know I have had this vision in my mind of exactly how I want our family sessions to go and with out fail, it rarely goes that way.

Most of my clients say that nap times didn’t go as planned or it took longer to coax a little one into getting ready. As a result, we show up with this frustration written on our faces. These are your memories of where you are in this moment of time. Let’s have fun with this and not worry about a fake smile or someone not wanting to sit on your lap perfectly. Some of my favorites images from sessions are ones that maybe I wouldn’t have delivered. Let your kids pile onto you while sitting on a family quilt or let your kiddos run and give Dad a huge bear hug. Wear a dress that you can twirl in with your daughter and see her face light up, for instance.

Above all, my goal is for you to lean into those natural moments during your Denver family portrait session. I want for the love that your family has for each other to the palpable in each image.

This session I threw away all of the expectations I typically have. However, I wanted to really dig deep and find those interactions that really felt authentic. We looked for lady bugs and smelled the fresh blooms. These sisters played as they would have normally. Meanwhile, capturing theses photos that speak a thousand words. You can feel the love they have for each other. You can see how happy these sisters are around each other. There was no fighting, no bribing necessary. Most importantly, the end result is full of smiles and moments to be cherished!

We can chat about what outfits would look best for your family with the location or season in mind. You do not have to spend a lot of money on outfits that will coordinate and flow nicely. This family’s outfits are from Amazon. We started with colors that we thought would be fitting for a summer session with all of the greenery and went from there on mixing in solids and patterns for their outfits. Therefore, I always tell my families to dress the person that it is hardest to shop for first and then mix everyone else in after that. You can also frame your outfits around a new dress that you bought or a new outfit that you found for your baby.

Keep in mind the colors in your house and where you will hang your art pieces as well. I am here to help you create the best look for your session on any budget. It is fun for me to help you create that look you are wanting. I will easily be able to see where we should add texture or minimize patterns. Let’s chat and see what your session will look like. I would love to be your Denver family photographer!

August 15, 2022