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This Denver newborn girl photoshoot was as precious as they come! She was only 5lbs and had the longest brown hair. She was so cute in all of the poses from the beanbag to the little wrapped bucket poses. They booked a petite session and left with a gallery with more images than most full sessions. I had photographed this little cutie’s cousin three years ago so it was so much fun to meet them and hear how everyone has been doing.

Her Mama had a pretty traumatic emergency c-section with their oldest and was able to have a planned c-section this time around. I know she was in the best hands with having Dr. Coffman from the Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado deliver this little one. We had her deliver Easton and absolutely loved her approach.

Her Mama was also able to have her doula Julianne Curtis, CLC, SBD alongside of her during her epidural and throughout her pregnancy. They raved about the support they received from her and how helpful it was to have her as a support person during the delivery.

I think it is so incredibly important that we are advocates for our deliveries and that we are make sure that we are surrounded by a team that will work as closely as possible to our birth plan and what we want to accomplish as possible. I think it is always hard when my mamas want a natural birth at a birthing center or their home and are not able to do so.

This does not mean you have to forego your team around you and this Mama made sure she had a say in this and it makes all of the difference in the birth experience not only for Mama but for the babies as well!

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Amanda – Denver newborn girl photoshoot