Denver newborn photography guide

denver newborn photography guide

My Denver newborn photography guide is full of tips to help you prepare for your upcoming session.

Once your baby is here

When your precious bundle arrives, please don’t hesitate to text me at 970.617.0186. Ideally, within the first 48 hours. This allows us to secure a date during that ideal newborn window, freeing you from worrying about scheduling amidst the flurry of well-baby appointments. Take a peek at our social media pages and newborn portfolio to get an idea of the color schemes you’d like for your setups. I will have all of your set ups styled and ready to go upon your arrival.

Session Scheduling

Getting out the door with a new baby is very hard. Please note that all newborn sessions are scheduled during the ideal sleepy window. It is essential to be at the studio at your scheduled time to ensure we have the time to obtain as many poses as possible.

Creating a Cozy Environment

Upon arriving at the studio, expect a warm ambiance to keep your newborn snug and content, mainly if we aim for unwrapped posing. This cozy environment mimics the womb and is typically adored by newborns, providing them a serene experience akin to a day at the baby spa. For parents, I suggest wearing light clothing or layers to ensure comfort during the session’s newborn-only portion.

Involving Little Siblings

Our intimate studio space may only hold the attention of younger siblings for a short time. Consider having a friend or a grandparent bring them closer to the end of your session. Bringing along tablets, games, or other distractions can also be helpful. Depending on the collection, the newborn portion may take up to two hours, so it’s wise to have entertainment options ready. If the weather permits, nearby parks can provide an alternative for your family’s enjoyment.

Choosing the Right Attire

Since the show’s star is your newest addition, we aim to focus on your connection and those precious baby details. For our lifestyle boho set, opt for neutral colors to create timeless images. Avoid clothing with logos or bright colors. Mixing 2-3 colors with various textures can result in stunning visuals. Solid black shirts or tank tops work beautifully against our gray backdrop. If you have styling questions, feel free to reach out—I’m here to assist!

Rescheduling + Reshoots

I understand that every woman’s and baby’s recovery process is unique. Should you or your baby require additional time once the session is scheduled, please don’t hesitate to inform me. Your well-being and comfort are paramount.

Tips for a Calm + Sleepy Baby

  • A warm bath on the morning of your session can work wonders, often leading to restful sleep for your child.
  • Aim to feed your baby just before leaving for the session. Let me know if your travel exceeds 30 minutes, and we can arrange a feeding at the studio before we begin.
  • Refrain from using diaper rash creams or lotions on the morning of the session to ensure your baby’s skin looks natural in the photos.
  • Dress your baby in button/zip pajamas without onesies or socks underneath to facilitate easy outfit changes, especially if they’re asleep.
  • Bringing a pacifier along can be beneficial, although I’ll only use it if your baby would benefit from its soothing effect during transitions in posing.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the tips and information in our Denver newborn photography guide.

denver newborn photography guide

April 22, 2024