denver sunflower photos | sweet girls

I know this will shock many of you but I never understood the love for sunflowers or Denver sunflower photos! One of my 2021 seniors wants her photos done in a sunflower field and so we had to run out and time the lighting. My jaw hit the floor when I looked at the back of the camera. Suddenly, I knew what all the rave was about. The love that Avery and Hadley have for each other was so perfectly captured in these sweet sibling photos. There is nothing like the bond of sister (or so I hear.) I took Hadley and Avery with me to be my models and they did not disappoint. Hadley was not having it for a minute but Avery held her for a bit and handed her a little flower. Everything was all grins and giggles from there. The sweet little romper that Hadley is wearing is part of our client closet. We have an entire line of adorable little outfits for our sitter sessions.

There is nothing better than warm and dreamy light with my favorite girls! I am so glad I have a few spots for clients at an amazing private sunflower field in a few weeks. These sessions will definitely be added the mini line ups for next summer. Make sure you are on our mailing list so you do not miss announcements for our the next set of Denver sunflower photos! I am guessing these will sell out in record time.


Thank you Hurleigh Lane + Hello Little Co. for the adorable outfits!