Preparing for your Newborn Photoshoot

Your Denver Newborn Photoshoot

Preparing for your newborn photoshoot can be an exciting part of welcoming your little one into the world. Here are my top tips to ensure a smooth and successful session:

  1. Schedule Early: Book your Denver newborn photos session before your baby arrives. Secure a photographer you love and schedule your session before your due date. Most photographers will aim to capture those precious early moments within the first three weeks after delivery.
  2. Feed Baby Beforehand: A well-fed baby is often a happier and more cooperative model. I recommend feeding your baby right before leaving your home. If you have a longer ride to my Loveland, CO. newborn photography studio, arriving 20 minutes prior can be beneficial. And remember to pack an extra bottle, just in case.
  3. Dress for Success: Choose an outfit that snaps or zips down the front for your newborn. This makes for easy transitions during outfit changes and helps avoid upsetting your little one by pulling clothes over their head. Avoid socks or mittens that could leave marks on delicate skin.
  4. Skip the Creams and Lotions: On the morning of the session, avoid using diaper rash cream or lotions on your baby. These products can reflect light and cause unwanted glare in photographs. Diaper rash cream may also leave a difficult-to-edit residue on your baby’s skin.
  5. Diaper Placement: Put your newborn’s diaper on backward to facilitate unwrapped poses during the photoshoot. This simple trick helps maintain the flow of the session without interruptions.
  6. Bring a Pacifier: Even if your baby isn’t a fan of pacifiers, having one on hand can help settle into certain poses or during a cluster feeding phase. I understand that not all parents use pacifiers, but having one available can provide additional posing options.
  7. Pre-shoot Relaxation: Help your baby relax before the session by giving them a warm bath. Combined with the soothing motion of a car ride, this can help them settle into a peaceful state for the photoshoot. Once you arrive at the studio, rest assured that I’ll take care of the rest in our specially designed newborn photography space.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns about preparing for your newborn photoshoot. As your Denver newborn photographer, I’m here to ensure your experience is stress-free and enjoyable, resulting in beautiful memories you’ll cherish forever.

February 17, 2024