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I am a natural light photographer that specializes in maternity and newborn artistic portraiture. I still get just as excited for each newborn session today as I did in the beginning.  I try to sneak in a cuddle or two at each session. I would probably have 52 babies myself if this was not my career.  I pay attention to all of the little details and love coming up with new set-ups and color combos.  I look at everything now as a potential prop and have a prop closet that is already overflowing. I strive to perfect my art with each session.

After receiving emails with questions on how to do set-ups and photographers wanting to do mentor sessions with me I decided to go for it.  I have really enjoyed each session I have done. I spent a lot of money in the beginning of my career on posing newborn guides, videos and workshops and found that the best way that I learned was from hands-on practice.  I have always been a hands-on girl that wants to jump in and try things myself.  I have found that this is the best way for me to teach my mentees.  It is extremely important to me that you are able to go home and achieve these looks yourself.  I do not want you to walk away with some beautiful images that you cannot recreate.  You will be able to chose set-ups and have the guidance during your turns at posing the newborn models.

Each mentor session will focus on posing newborns individually and with parents.  I will show you how I transition these sweet bebes during my sessions.  The morning will be spent with me posing the bebes with you alongside and the afternoon will be spent with your hands-on posing the newborns while I am there right beside you to guide you through the steps.  We will discuss lighting techniques for your newborn sessions and how to create soft and more dramatic looking images for your clients.  I will go through camera settings that are the best for creating the ideal image straight out of camera.  We will also be discussing custom white balance and how to nail your shots in camera so that there is less post processing required.  Styling your sessions and finding and defining your individual style will also be a part of this workshop.  We will discuss how to prepare your studio and your clients to optimize their sessions with you.  There is an option to add on a two hour maternity session with your newborn workshop.

You will walk away from this mentor session knowing:

  • how to do all of the yummy poses each newborn photographer loves with and with our props
  • how to pose the bebe with parents
  • how to wrap a bebe
  • how to transition your bebes from pose to pose with out waking the bebes
  • how to create multiple set-ups from one pose
  • how to light your subjects
  • camera technique and setting preferences for each pose
  • how to obtain the best SOOC image for less post processing
  • how to create a style for your sessions
  • we will discuss and use natural lighting and the different types of lighting styles

Please know how to shoot in Manual and how ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed work together.  We will go over specific camera techniques so that you are pulling out amazing sooc images!

Below are images from mentor sessions as well as examples of my work……newborn photography fort collins colorado

horsetooth colorado maternity photographynewborn photography denver coloradocolorado newborn photography workshopcw

newborn photography workshop coloradonewborn photography colorado posing the bebesnewborn photography fort collinsattendees posing bebes

lifestyle newborn session denver colorado

Here is an email I just received from one of my amazing attendees that has attended two one on one workshops!

Hey You!

I just wanted to email you tonight. As I sit here working on my latest newborn session, I am just so very grateful for all the time you have invested with me to make me the artist I am today. I never ever would have been able to accomplish the things I have in my professional photography career without the mentoring you gave me. I truly will be forever grateful for all of your knowledge and help.  I wouldn’t have the newborn images in my portfolio that I have without all your technical and posing help. I am seriously brought to tears tonight and am overwhelmed. I am now booking newborns for November 2014. A year ago I never ever thought this was possible. You instilled a confidence in me that is so profound. When I came back from San Diego this past December I was so rejuvanated and ready to rock things out of the park!!!!! I am slowly becoming the artist I have always dreamed of thanks to you!!!!!! I am so grateful to have met you in my journey and I hope I can come and visit you again once our third wee one is a little older. I absolutely love the time we have had spent together not only as a mentor but a true, genuine friend. You are a beautiful person inside and out!! Thank you so much for all the inspiration you have brought into my life!! You rock girl and never forget it!!!!!!!!! XOXO Elisha Guest

Location | our natural light studio in northern colorado or a natural light studio in San Diego, CA

Airports | DEN we are about 45 minutes away & SAN studio will be within 20 minutes of the airport

1:1 |  1500

1:2 | 1150 per photographer

Dates | decided between photographers

Please email me at for availability and more questions.  A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due at the time of booking your mentor session and the remaining  amount will be due one month prior to your session.


Please click here to sign up for a mentor session or to request more information.

organic bebe photography™

Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Northern Colorado Maternity & Newborn Photographer.

organic bebe photography™

Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Northern Colorado Maternity & Newborn Photographer.