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We are FINALLY enjoying the much anticipated Colorado fall weather.  This is my favorite time of year to be in Northern Colorado.  The leaves are turning the most radiant shades of oranges, reds and yellows amidst the greenery and the lighting at sunset is next to nothing.  The snow we had two weeks ago had me nervous that we wouldn’t get any of the leaves as the perfect backdrop for those family fall sessions everyone has been holding out for.  This last week has been jam packed with my favorite families!  This sweet family never disappoints during a session and once again their gallery was full of love, laughter and I simply could not even narrow down their images to a mini session.  It was so cute to see lil sis in the radio flyer wagon that her brother sat in for fall minis at her age a few years ago.  I am so lucky to have clients that I get to see so often and watch their families grow and be a part of their story!View full post »

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I have sat down to write this post more times than I can count.  I do not know if it is because I get distracted by the cute little bebe face that is usually cuddled up in my lap when writing this or because it is so emotionally drive.  Matt and I had one rollercoaster of a ride getting to the point where we were pregnant with Easton.  We knew we wanted a bebe right away and only wanted to wait until after our honeymoon.  We lucked out and were pregnant with our first attempt and so excited to be adding another kiddo to the bunch and the first for Matt and I!  Our excitement was quickly met with grief as we soon lost our little one.  We went through an entire year of losses, surgeries and chemo.  Last September my heart was at a point where I could not tolerate any further losses.  I started feeling pregnancy symptoms within a few days and was so worried that we would only have heart ache again. We called our OB and this pregnancy was looking normal and we found out that I would have to start doing Lovenox injections every night.  I absolutely HATE needles and wanted to cry in that moment but my OB looked at me and said “anything to give you a baby, right?”  We figured out a system that made the injections less painful and anxiously awaited being out of the first trimester.  I cannot convey how long those first weeks seemed to drag on but by Christmas we were announcing this amazing news to both families as we hosted Christmas in our new home with everyone here.  It was such an amazing moment and everyone was shocked that we had kept this a secret for nearly 17 weeks!  I had internal bleeding soon after the holidays and we were so scared this would hurt the baby.  Luckily, this was not near the baby but caused weeks of terrible pain and bed rest.  We enjoyed the remaining portion of our pregnancy and had an amazing shower hosted by Matt’s family, a beautiful maternity session with Mia Marina Photography (yep, I was on the other end of the camera!)  The rest of the pregnancy seemed to all of a sudden fly by faster than we could keep up with.

On June 8th we were scheduled for an induction that kept getting pushed back and we learned our OB would no longer be able to deliver us after everything we had gone thru together after all.  I was a mess and Matt was so worried about me and how the delivery would now go.  We were finally given the green light at around 6pm.  They ended up starting me on a low pitocin drip and broke my water at 6:50.  I immediately went from laughing and telling jokes with Matt and the nurses to breathing throughout intense contractions.  I told the nurses I needed to push about an hour later and they called in our OB and it was time to push!!!!  Our OB was absolutely amazing and we had met her a few times during a hospital stay during our pregnancy.  I will never forget the moment when she looked at Matt and I and said “ok you two it is finally time for you to meet this baby”  I had to take a moment as my emotions overwhelmed me and it was almost a release that we were FINALLY having this bebe we had dreamt about having for so long.  We were going to know if this bebe was a boy or girl.  We were all expecting this tiny bebe that would be under 7lbs.  We quickly realized after a few pushes that this bebe might be a little bigger or in a different position.  I moved positions and after pushing through three more contractions this beautiful bebe was here!!!!  Matt told me he was wrong and it was a BOY!!  There was a part of me deep down that thought we were having a boy but Hudson had everyone convinced it was a little girl.  This was the most amazing moment!! I could not be more proud of my husband for being my rock throughout our entire journey.  This man held my hand at every appointment, gave me chocolate right after my injections and most importantly supported me through our labor.  We were finally parents of a squishy bebe boy!  Our birth story was captured by Sun Prarie Films. He was absolutely perfect and we could not be more in love with him.  His big brothers and sister absolutely adore him and fight over who gets to hold him, sit by him in the car, and wait outside the room in the morning just to catch those first smiles of the day.  He is the perfect addition to this family!


JUNE 8TH @ 8:27 PM

8LBS, 11 OZ | 22.5 IN

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  • October 10, 2018 - 1:10 am

    Mia Minoletti - ALL THE TEARS!!! Welcome Bebe Easton!! You are so loved and wanted and you are absolutely perfect! You even won the parent jackpot with your mommy and daddy! Love you sweet baby boy! ❤️ReplyCancel

This squishy bebe came into the world at 10lbs 6 oz  and is the biggest bebe yet to be in the studio in Colorado so far only second to his brother!  His big brother was the first newborn I photographed when we moved here from San Diego.  His cheeks look like they are filled with marshmallows and made for kisses from his Mama.View full post »

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I was so excited to meet and work with this couple who were visiting Colorado on their baby moon from Texas.  They were wanting to go somewhere that was cooler and luckily we finally had a break in this heat and had the perfect night for their session!  This Mama and I chatted about her journey to their sweet rainbow baby in emails and I shared we had went through a similar road this past year.  I was so incredibly honored to be their photographer and to be a part of such an amazing moment for them.  They are high school sweethearts and he still makes her laugh like a new love but they have the strength and comfort in each other that is only that of a true love.

I am so excited to hear the news of their little one’s arrival and to see if they had a boy or a girl!

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