Family Photos at Matthew Winters | Denver Family Photographer

Family photos at Matthew Winters Park is always an amazing choice. There is no hiking required and the parking is ideal for extended family sessions. You can simply get out of your car and enjoy the beautiful backdrops of this location. Nestled in Golden, Colorado this spot offers sweeping mountain backdrops with greenery and trails.

family photos at matthew winters

The sun tucks behind the front range a little earlier so this can be a great spot for families with younger children. Weeknights are a great option for those families wanting to avoid the crowds and have a littler more flexibility in places to shoot.

matthew winters park photoshoot

This family was in from all over and they had two babies with early bed times. Family photos at Matthew Winters allowed us to quickly get this session done as we were approaching bed times. They wanted their photos to have that true Colorado feel to them.

The great thing about planning a photoshoot of any type In Golden, Colorado is the many places to go after your photos are done. We love checking out the different restaurants at The Golden Mill. You can let your kiddos unwind as you take a walk along the river or enjoy ice cream treats!

family photos at matthew winters park

July 9, 2024