Best places to deliver a baby in Northern Colorado | Denver Baby Photographer

Best places to deliver a baby in Northern Colorado! These are the ones that are loved by my clients and myself. Whether you are wanting a natural birth that is as unassisted as possible or would like to have to have those pain meds going, these shares will help you.

best places to deliver a baby in northern colorado


I will go first my birthing experiences with both of my high risk pregnancies were at The Medical Center of The Rockies in Loveland, Colorado. I absolutely loved my two experiences delivering at MCR! Mt first was very high risk as I was on Lovenox injections and my induction had to be completed within a certain time window in order to keep myself an my baby at low risk.

Dr. Coffman and the nursing staff were all so amazing and completely respected my wishes for a labor as uninterrupted as possible. The rooms are large enough to make bounding on a ball or walking possible. It also allowed for the delivery team to enter and not make me feel crowded. The hospital chimes a lullaby thru the halls as you are transferred to your recovery suite. Their lobster and steak dinner can’t be beat after a delivery.


So many of my clients are fortunate to deliver at Rose Medical Center and many had been born there themselves. If you are in the Denver Metro area, I cannot recommend Dr. Alexandrovic with Metro OBGYN enough. I was supposed to deliver at Rose with her during COVID but I went into labor too quickly and barely made it to MCR.

The HUGE bonus for me was going to be that you can labor in their oversized tubs. They have beds for birth partners and same floor Operating Rooms in the event a c-section is needed. Rose Medical Center’s birthing unit is very supportive of low intervention birth plans.


This Center for Women and Infants is unlike any other. Private labor and delivery suites with hotel-like amenities. They are staffed with MFM physicians for their high risk patients including a Level III NICU. Many of my clients who experienced very high risk situations were at ease with the level of care readily available to them at this hospital.


This is the only hospital-owned, free-standing birthing center in Denver, Colorado. This creates such a safe space for women and their birth partners to have their labor and delivery in a home like space. This is a wonderful options for those who do not want a hospital birth but also do not wish to deliver at home. Patients can enjoy the option of having a water birth.

I always love hearing my client’s birth stories. The best places to deliver a baby in Northern Colorado is always in the discussion. Birthing experiences can leave you feeling empowered when you find the right space and the perfect team. I highly recommend touring any place you are considering for your labor and delivery.

July 3, 2024